Ruth Gowan

Author of the Racing Hearts books

Launching on the 4th of July

This 3rd book in the Racing Hearts series by ex Rally Driver Ruth Gowan sweeps the reader along through many twists and dangerous turns, and continues the stories of some of the characters in Misdirection and Switchback.

What happens if you think you meet your soul mate only to have her disappear?
Not once but three times. Again and again!
Vicky has grown to adulthood without a mother. She has struggled with a controlling father and been betrayed in love. Yet she has steely determination and will go her own way, a path which lies far from her native shore. There are deep dark secrets and family conflicts
She yearns to find again the passion she experienced on the sands of the Red Sea. But her mystery man proves elusive. Duty has cost her dearly.
Andrew is a world class surgeon and a much admired co-drive in the field of Rally driving, but finding his way to his true love is not so easy. She promised is to another, or is she? Conflicting signals and fiery emotions mislead the handsome doctor.  Put together on exciting dangerous Rallys their passion re- ignites… but mysterious forces keep them apart!

About Ruth

Irish born and well travelled, Ruth divides her time between a small fishing village in Portugal and Ireland’s capital city, where she shares a Victorian house with her husband of more than 30 years, and her Great Dane. She has two adult children.

One of a very few women to enter the sport of Rallying, Ruth drove competitively before she married, enjoying success at international level. These experiences form the background of her novels.

Having lived in North America, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia, she has many colourful memories along with deep insight into these countries, their highways and byways and their diverse cultures.

Ruth’s guilty pleasures include trashy TV dramas and action movies.

She delights in good food and has explored many ethnic cuisines. She shares a love of cooking with her husband and has attended a Cordon Bleu course to learn the secrets of classical cookery.

A Reiki Master, Ruth loves writing stories with happy endings.